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The 1st Young Artist Piano Competition in Cambodia

Mozart Music Center (MMC) and Department of Culture and Fine Arts, Phnom Penh Municipality, have initiated the 1st Young Artist Piano Competition in Cambodia’s history to bring extraordinary young pianists to compete for cash prizes, scholarships and performance opportunities expose to ASEAN and the world. With your generosity of sponsors and donors, we are able to present our junior pianist to compete internationally. This competition is open for children and adults, from all nationalities who live in Cambodia, from age 5 to adults. Cambodian is strongly encouraged to apply.

Profle of Founder

Hang Rithyravuth was born in 1967. He started his first piano class at Fine Arts School in Phnom Penh when he was 12 years old and became a young pianist at the age of 18. In 1985, he got scholarship to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. He spent 15 years in continuing his musical education. He received Diploma in Choir Conducting from the Profession School of Music under Conservatory P.I Tchaikovsky in 1990. He graduated Master of Fine Arts/ Conductor of a Chorus in 1995 and Conductor of Orchestra in 1997 from the Russian Academy of Music. He received PhD in Philology from the Institute of World Literature in 1999. Currently, he is a professor of Singing, Piano and Conductor at the Faculty of Music, Royal University of Fine Arts, and Phnom Penh. He is also a Director and teaching piano, guitar and singing at Mozart Music Centre since 2009. Dr Ravuth had more than 21 years experiences in teaching children from age 3 to adults in Russia and Cambodia. He was a lead training of trainer and had been trained several music teachers in general education program whose provided direct training to more than 100,000 Cambodian young students in more than 10 provinces of Cambodia on the basic music skill, under a program of Japan Young Human Power (JHP). In addition, he had several experiences in teaching higher education programs such as Master Degree and PhD in Royal Academy of Cambodia and other private universities in Cambodia.


How was Mozart founded?

Mozart Music Center (MMC) is a Social Enterprise, established in June 2009 after it was successfully joined Business Plan Competition in December 2008. It was founded by Dr. Hang Rithyravuth and his family with a strong commitment to transfer knowledge to his beloved Cambodian children. The centre has vision to promote music education for all as a part of children’s brain development and music for peace in Cambodia. It provides training to all students, age 5 to adults, from all nationalities including Piano, Guitar, Violin, Singing and classical dance. To encourage Cambodian students to start playing the instruments, the center provides 50% discount to Cambodian and had been contributed to several social activities such as waiving fee to the poor, scholarship to artists who win during the Universal Khmer Song in 2011 and organize concert for its students every 3-4 months etc.,


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Goals: Provide excellenct in music training

  • highly effective, more fun and life-time enriching musicianship
  • trained to be musicians professional
  • promotes music education for all and for brain development.

Why do we learn music?

  • develop reading, listening and concentration skills
  • enhance motor skills and foster hand-eye co-ordination
  • social development
  • build discipline and self-confidence
  • self-expression, fosters creativity and imagination

Why Mozart Music Center?

  • a social enterprise
  • one-to-one tutorial and performance opportunities
  • tailored course to each student
  • trained by a group of musician professional graduated PhD, Master Degree from abroad and Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia

Courses Time Cost
Individual cost-tailored (one-to-one tutorial)
Piano – Violin – Guitar – Singing - Khmer Traditional Music
30mn/week $40/month
45mn/week $60/month
60mn/week $80/month
Group class (4-5 students)
Pianica – Clarinet - Classical Dance 60mn/week $30/month

Phone: 023 966 663 / 023 966 664
Mobile: 092 800 701 / 093 800 701
27C, St. 71 Corner of 392,
Beng Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh.
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